Maine Apple Sunday brings sigh of relief in Etna

Published: Sep. 17, 2023 at 12:34 PM EDT
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ETNA, Maine (WABI) - After Lee brought wind and rain to the area Saturday, the sun came out just in time for Maine Apple Sunday.

Maine Apple Sunday is the perfect opportunity for an end-of-summer slow down. Families were out in full force at Conant Orchards in Etna to do some picking.

“We’re celebrating Maine Apple Sunday. It’s a very, very busy day,” said Hannah Hegarty, manager, Conant Apple Orchards. “We encourage a lot people to come out, celebrate, and go apple picking.”

“Our friends actually own Conant’s Orchard so we’re really excited to come out and support them,” said Samantha Pangburn of Brewer. “They have yummy drinks and signs and we love it here!”

Hegarty says this is a day they plan for as soon as apple season starts.

“It’s very meaningful because this orchard has been around since 1945 so we have a lot of generations come out. A lot of the same families come out every year and we love to see the kids grow up here and be a part of the family,” Hegarty said.

Orchards across the area spent the week bracing for Hurricane Lee’s arrival, not knowing what it would mean for their trees and fruit growing on them.

At least in Etna, Sunday brought a sigh of relief.

“It was not bad at all. We went up in the orchard, we didn’t have many [trees] damaged and we’re so glad today turned out to be good,” Hegarty said.

“It looks like it’s in great shape! There are some puddles here and there that you walk around, but it looks great. Apples are still on the trees, so it’s a great day to be out doing this,” Pangburn said.

And if apples aren’t your thing, Conant’s has plenty of other offerings including their famous fall drinks.

“We have our two specialty drinks which brings a lot of people in,” said Hegarty.

After Saturday’s mess, Sunday turned out to be a picture perfect day.