Teams competing next week in the ALGS Year 3 Championship and the Tournaments format

The ALGS Year 3 Championship will take place in Birmingham, England starting September 6th.
The ALGS Year 3 Championship will take place in Birmingham, England starting September 6th.(Respawn Entertainment / ALGS)
Published: Aug. 31, 2023 at 5:30 PM EDT
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(Gray News) - The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 3 Championship starts September 6th in Birmingham, England. The ALGS Championship is the culmination of a ten-month-long season that started in November. During that time, teams have been fighting through both splits to accrue as many playoff points as possible to qualify for the championship.

Those who couldn’t manage to scrounge up enough playoff points duked it out in the Last Chance Qualifiers to compete for a spot in the world championship. The Last Chance Qualifiers were in July, with the top two teams from each region receiving an invitation to Birmingham.

Last Chance Qualifier Winning Teams

North America (NA)South America (SA)Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)Asia-Pacific, North (APAC-N)Asia-Pacific, South (APAC-S)
The DojoSAF EsportsGoNext EsportsAREA310MDY White
DisguisedK1CKLes cités de FranceNORTHEPTIONIron Blood Gaming

With the field of forty teams now set, it is important to note how the tournament is formatted to decide a victor.

Group Stage

The ALGS Championship will begin with a round-robin style Group Stage. The teams are placed into four groups of ten. Each group will face the other three groups in a six-match series to try and earn as many placement points as possible.

Apex Legends is a battle royale where 20 teams fill each match lobby and drop into a map simultaneously. Points are awarded to teams for eliminations, one point per elimination in a match, and final placement at the end.

Since the field of forty teams competing in the championship has already been decided, the four groups of ten have also been set.

TSMXSETDarkZeroMoist Esports
Oxygen EsportsLG ChivasFaZeONIC Esports
OpTic GamingElement 6GANBARE OTOUSANFC destroy
Realize100 ThievesPULVEREXTeam Singularity
MDY WhiteAREA310Tom Yum KungK1CK
GoNext EsportsSAF EsportsThe DojoNRG
DisguisedLCDFNORTHEPTIONIron Blood Gaming

Bracket Stage

Once all matches have been completed in the tournament’s Group Stage, the top 20 teams, in placement points across all groups, will proceed to the Winners Bracket. The bottom 20 teams will be moved to the Losers Bracket.

The Bracket Stage changes the competitive formula slightly by having teams compete in an eight-match series for each leg of the stage. The Bracket Stage has three legs: Losers, Round One and Two, and Winners. Each leg has twenty teams fighting to place in the top ten. Where the legs differ is what a team gets as a result of finishing in the top ten.

Finishing in the top ten in Losers Round One means a team moves on to Losers Round Two. Failing to do so means elimination from the ALGS Championship. A top ten in Winners means a team advances directly to the Finals, while those who don’t move to Losers Round Two. Losers Round Two is the last leg of the Bracket Stage, with the top ten teams filling out the remaining spots in the Finals.


At this point, only twenty teams will remain in the championship, with the joint goal of taking home the lion’s share of the $2,000,000 purse. Seeding for the Finals will be given in the form of Advanced Starting Points. Teams qualifying from the Winners Bracket will receive points based on their placement in the Winners Bracket. First place earns ten points, with the points awarded diminishing each consecutive standing until tenth place, which is awarded one point.

These points matter because the Finals is a race for teams to reach at least 50 placement points. Once a team reaches this threshold, they become Match Point Eligible. When this happens, all the qualifying team needs to do to win the championship is come first in a single match. The Finals have no match limit, meaning multiple teams could become Match Point Eligible and have the chance to win the $600,000 first-place prize.

The ALGS Year 3 Championship begins September 6th and finishes September 10th. To watch all the action in Birmingham, tune in to the ALGS YouTube broadcast or the ALGS Twitch Stream.

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