Maine Football Jamboree returns to Hampden Academy

Bronco Football
Bronco Football(Connor Magliozzi)
Published: Aug. 27, 2023 at 10:34 PM EDT
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HAMPDEN, Maine (WABI) - The Maine Football Jamboree was back at Hampden Academy for its second year.

Bringing in teams from across the area.

They way it works is that teams play a series of 20-minute games. Where both teams get 10-minutes of straight offense and defense.

“It’s my favorite time of year to be able to bring the community together and continue to grow the game of football in the state of Maine. It’s honestly my favorite time of year. So just being able to work with these kids, see them get better each day, and be a part of that journey. It’s something that I really truly am just so grateful for,” said Bronco Youth Football coach Brent Adkins.

The season begins shortly. This was a chance for teams to get live reps against other teams that they’ll be playing soon.

“Really excited to play Hamden again because we get a rematch with them,” said Hermon Football player River Shields.

The structure allows for players to learn on the spot.

“Coaches on the field, referees talking them through penalties. Different things that keep them both safe and playing at a high level,” Adkins said.

For some of these players they’re seeing contact against someone other than a teammate for the first time.

“You just gotta be ready for it and able to get up, get back up and never give up,” said Bronco Football player Nathan Ward.

The days in August are when a lot of hard work is put in for football teams across the country so when the fall comes they’ll be ready.

“We’re gonna have to put in the work, keep our conditioning right, and we’re gonna play hard and act like every game is the championship and then we’re gonna go win,” said Bronco Youth Player Cooper Adkins.

Yet the day was about more than instruction.

As players appeared to have the time of their life in between snaps.

“Absolutely right like football. It will teach us so much about life. But it’s also fun. It’s a sport. It’s a game, right? And a lot of these kids, they have the opportunity to go to camps together and play baseball and hockey and you name it. So it’s always fun when you get to line up against your friend and go to battle and see who’s the best and chirp a little bit. But all in all, so giving each other a pat on the back when they do something great. So it’s awesome to see. You know, just so much fun, so much love and passion for the game, not only from the players but the fans, the coaches and the referees,” Adkins said.