Cooper Flagg discusses Class of 2024 reclassification

Cooper took English and elective classes over the summer in order to move to the Class of 2024
Published: Aug. 15, 2023 at 4:03 PM EDT
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MONTVERDE, Fla. (WABI) - Cooper Flagg announced on Friday that he’s reclassifying from the Class of 2025 to the Class of 2024.

Flagg announced the decision on Instagram
Flagg announced the decision on Instagram(WABI)

“Through the summer that I had and how I feel my game progressed, physically and mentally, I just felt I was in the best spot possible. I thought it was just a good decision to jump up. About a week ago, I got on a call with my mom and dad (when I was at Nike Skills Academy). We talked about why it was a good idea and why it was a bad idea. I think the positives outweighed the negatives and just made that decision,” said Flagg.

He’s ready for a new competitive environment.

“You have to work your way back up and prove yourself all over again. I think that’s somewhere that I kind of thrive in, being more motivated than I already am, and just keeping that same hunger. The other thing that I’m excited for is the amount of people I’ll be playing in front of, the higher level, and how good the next level is with developing players and helping them be the best they can be,” said Flagg.

There’s things he’ll miss about prep basketball, including playing with his twin brother, Ace.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a team where I haven’t really played with him for long periods of time. Obviously I’ll miss that, but honestly I think it might be something good for both of us to kind of get away from each other and show individually, especially for him. He’s going to do what he does no matter what team he’s on,” said Flagg.

He’s got one year left to enjoy this stage.

“It’s been a blur. I was just thinking about that yesterday. It seriously has gone by way too fast. You kind of start thinking ‘where’s the time gone?’ I think just yesterday I was winning a Gold Ball, or I was just transferring, or I was just starting last school year. Now I’m about to start my senior year. It’s crazy how fast it really can go. I’ve enjoyed every step of the way. I’m excited and looking into the future,” said Flagg.

Cooper took English and elective classes over the summer in order to move to the Class of 2024.

Next on his schedule is Saturday’s Slam Summer Classic Vol. 5 at Rucker Park in New York City.