Dedham School Walking Club gets students moving during recess

Published: May. 30, 2023 at 5:34 PM EDT
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DEDHAM, Maine (WABI) - It’s a beautiful day to be outside.

And while some students are playing at recess, some are taking a walk instead.

For years, the Dedham School Walking Club has been giving students a reason to walk or run.

“I like walking and running because you get to get a lot of miles and you can win prizes and whoever is at the top at the end, you get to go on a torch run,” said Eliot Butliier, walker/runner

Students are given punch cards to help keep track of how much they walk or run.

One punch is one quarter mile, and a one card is five miles.

“They punch the cards and then when you get to 20 you get another card and you also get a prize,” said Adele Allen, walker/runner.

The program has ignited a whole new interest in some students, with some running as many as 50 miles.

Some are challenging themselves.

“I’ve just been trying to like get new cards and tried to beat my last year’s goal,” said Walker Whelan, walker/runner.

And some are just enjoying the time outdoors.

“It’s really fun. It’s like, it’s kind of really fun like I get to run with my friends, and I have like a really fun time doing it,” said Natalia Sciacca, walker/runner.

And, about that torch run.

“So, the Special Olympics torch goes by here on June 9. So, I contacted them and just said any chance I can have some of my kids that have been in the walking program be able to go by with you. So, we meet them at Lucerne Inn and they help carry the torch and go down to G and M,” said Tim Pearson, Dedham School P.E. teacher.