Tri-County tech students help in program assisting Mainers with insulated windows

Published: May. 15, 2023 at 5:34 PM EDT
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DEXTER, Maine (WABI) - Many know the company Window Dressers which creates inexpensive interior storm windows.

A collaboration was formed between the company and Tri-County Technical Center in Dexter to have current students participate in a program that builds insulated windows for the community.

Regional coordinator for Window Dressers, Lesley Fernow, said she wanted to create a program for youth to participate in but also to increase the amount of windows being built and installed in the spring.

“Last year, we decided we wanted to involve the Tri-County Technical Center students in helping us to build the inserts because we felt it will improve their program and it might improve our ability to be sustainable,” said Fernow.

Affordability and accessibility can be a problem in Maine when it comes to well insulated windows.

According to, gallons of heating fuel can be wasted if your home isn’t properly insulated.

This year the program built windows for the less fortunate, the elderly and anyone who may need financial assistance with the installation.

“Our goal was 400 inserts this year, and the students have built 129 inserts,” said Fernow.

Nick Mullins is the energy systems technology instructor at Tri-County tech and voiced the importance of teaching the youth about the trades industry and importance of knowing how to preserve energy.

“Of course, making sure we’re keeping that heat inside a home is extremely important, so by building these window inserts, it’s helping to reduce air leaks and add that extra insulative barrier for windows,” said Mullins.

To enroll in the program, instructors typically recruit sophomore students and up.

Alex Hale is a sophomore at Tri-County Tech and says understanding alternative careers or working in the trades is important.

He thanks his grandfather for getting him started.

“You feel good on the inside knowing that these will go to people that are less fortunate, and it’ll help conserve money and energy,” said Hale.

“My grandfather is a contractor, so he and also my dad taught me a lot about wiring, and I just kind of fell into it.”

Alex, his classmates, and Fernow all have one thing in common.

It’s not only the program but the desire to help Mainers where a little assistance is always needed.

If you’re interested in getting a window installed through the program, you can go to for more information.