Meet Vera, Husson Softball’s four-year-old bat girl

Published: May. 5, 2023 at 4:56 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Husson Softball has been on an incredible run this season.

But perhaps one of the teams most impactful members is also its smallest.

When you go to a Husson softball game you’ll see dedication, hard work and love for the game.

It may be difficult to find someone who represents these qualities better than Vera.

Vera is Husson softball’s four-year-old batgirl and the niece of shortstop Kenzie Dore.

“One day I just told Coach, I was like, hey, Vera’s gonna be here this weekend just so you know. She’s like, Oh my god, she asked me if she could be the bat girl,” said Dore.

“I think she thought I was kidding,” said Diann Rasmey, the Husson Softball Head Coach.

“And she’s like, No I’m being serious. So, I was okay! We went to UNE to play. She brought her little bike helmet instead of like an actual helmet, bike helmet and started being our bat girl. And then we were like, This has to be in every game thing,” added Dore.

Husson softball has racked up a lot of hits this season.

And Vera is always right there to collect the bat for the team wearing the biggest smile as she runs back to the dugout.

But Vera’s impact goes welly beyond her duties of bat retrieval.

“If you’re not having your best game, you’re going back into the dugout and kind of replaying everything that you did. But when you see her like she has no clue what’s going on other than she’s just having fun. So you kind of just forget about everything that just happened and you’re focusing on Oh, the next play. or just the energy in the dugout was way better with her in it,” said Husson outfielder Kiara McLeod.

The Husson softball team is a pretty energetic bunch.

And Vera is no exception.

For Vera, this group of strangers has essentially become sisters.

“It simplifies life. It’s really you look at her and it’s just innocence. It’s joy. It’s it kind of brings you back to the present moment of what you get to do,” said Ramsey.

“Being able to see her enjoy the game from her perspective, brings back at least for me, and I think it brings back for some of the girls remembering when we were little and how we were just a part of the game and our first experience was softball so getting to be a part of her first experience really on the field even if it is you know, as a as a Bat Girl. It’s special to witness that for her. I think it brings out the part of us the little girl in us that fell in love with the sport,” Ramsey added.