Report: loneliness can increase risk of premature death

Published: May. 3, 2023 at 5:37 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - An epidemic of loneliness and isolation has taken a toll on Americans and the US Surgeon General in calling for action.

According to a report, loneliness can increase risk of premature death by 26% and social isolation by 29%.

For some Americans seasonal depression kicks in and rates of suicide increase during the spring time.

Dr. David Prescott from Hampden Psychological Consultation says loneliness can actually damage not only your mental health but your physicality as well, however, there are various ways to improve that and sometimes, it’s simply talking about your day.

“We all have that question, ‘hey, how you doing,’ ‘I’m doing great, bye,’ but stop right there. Tell somebody just one little thing. You don’t have to tell them your deepest darkest secrets but tell them something that’s on your mind that day that’s a concern for you, that’s a joy. Those little things can really start to turn things around because you’re forming that connection that we want,” said Prescott.

Other tips include getting outside, making sure you’re getting the right amount of rest and trying to find ways to think positively.

Experts say with current events continuing to be heavy topics and people in the country feeling divided, it’s encouraged to get out and participate in the community to mend that disconnect with others.