Fusion Bangor wraps up dodgeball season with championship night

Sports seasons continue for networking group
Published: May. 2, 2023 at 10:49 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The Fusion Bangor networking nonprofit wrapped up its Tuesday night dodgeball season with championship night at the indoor turf Fields4Kids facility.

Sports seasons continue for networking group
Sports seasons continue for networking group(WABI)

“It’s great to get a full league this year with 16 teams. It’s been super exciting. I think a lot of these folks played intramurals in college and high school. Really, Fusion just wanted to continue that process to still have an outlet to play some sports competitively, but also to have a lot of fun,” said Brian Sturgeon, Fusion Bangor sports sub-committee co-chair.

“It really is probably our most well-attended event in the year. Our sports sub-committee has a lot of followers,” said Victoria Pereira, Fusion Bangor 2023 chair.

There’s a few keys to building a great team.

“It’s helpful to have some people that can throw hard and accurately. These balls move a lot. They’re not very heavy, but a lot of these guys and girls can throw pretty hard, so that’s really helpful. A lot of teamwork comes down to if there’s one or two people left on one team and there’s a full team on the other one. You see a lot of the full team at that point really being strategic about when to throw the ball, who you’re going to throw it to, at, and towards,” said Sturgeon.

Fusion Bangor members are happy to bring the sport to the community.

“I think the best part of being involved is connecting with different residents in the Bangor area. Our events bring out a lot of different people. Our sports league has its own following than our networking events, so it’s great that we get to connect with all residents of the area,” said Pereira.

After the recent announcement of a Dodgeball movie sequel, its popularity lives on.

“Obviously, we get a ton of inspiration from the original Dodgeball movie. A lot of people in here quote the movie. It’s an awesome movie, and I think that really spurred a lot of the interest in dodgeball at the intramural level and plus at this type of level,” said Sturgeon.

Stay tuned on Fusion Bangor’s Facebook page and web site for new season signups across all of its sports programs.

Spring dodgeball signups are up between January and February with the season running from March to May.