Husson University highlights significant research done by students & staff

Published: Apr. 20, 2023 at 5:59 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - It’s not every day that students get to showcase their hard work done during a school year or semester.

However, Husson University made sure that students who have produced significant research projects had their opportunity to shine.

The 13th annual Research and Scholarship Day took place at the Gracie Theatre on campus.

It’s an opportunity to highlight students and staff members research on various topics such as health care or research on lead in Maine waters.

William Lindblad is a professor of pharmacology and looks forward to this day, because it’s an opportunity to see the work done by students studying different topics and from different backgrounds.

“The students in all of the programs are having engagement and experiential education, so once a year, we kind of highlight and celebrate these research projects that they’ve participated in at this event,” said Lindblad.

Rows of successful research projects were on display and senior Abigail Brackett introduced her passion to peers, professors and other business leaders from the area.

“I wanted to look at the bio-absorption properties of Lentinus edodes which is shiitake mushrooms,” said Brackett. “I was able to remove up to 40% lead from the solution just by filtering it straight through the vacuum filtration system on the mushrooms.”

If participants walked further down the display area, Leslie Nyambo waited for anyone curious about her project to stop by and ask what’s it about.

Nyambo said this project was not only a passion for her as a future nurse but personal to the wellbeing of African American women.

“I did my project on post-partum depression in African American women specifically racially concordant care which is the care where your health care provider is of the same ethnic or racial background,” said Nyambo. “It actually has evidence that it increases patient satisfaction because it reduces the instance of racial disparities.”

NESCOM students participated for the first time this year and discussed different marketing strategies that they’ve learned while studying and working on campus.

The event followed with an award presentation recognizing the distinguished faculty research award recipient and there was an hour-long presentation on research into zebrafish organ regeneration.