Bangor schools to utilize extra funds from DOE in a variety of ways

Published: Apr. 7, 2023 at 4:26 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The Bangor school systems, like many around the state, got a heavy increase in funding due to a math error by the Maine Department of Education.

They say that they have several different ways that they plan to utilize it.

The extra funds total around $900,000

Roughly $440,000 will be going towards a variety of school needs.

About $460,000 will be utilized to offset the tax burden for local taxpayers.

“Some of our families are really hurting, over 50% of our students are free and reduced lunch qualified. So, we did not want to take all this money. About half of it will help with the tax burden. So we feel good about that. And we think that, you know, we see our kids every day and we want to help them in the classroom, but we also want to help them where they live,” said Superintendent James Tager.

The money going towards school needs was broken down as the following.

Regular Instruction $294,457, History teacher, Ed Tech III JFD -In-school suspension, partial multi-lingual teacher, furniture & fixtures/classrooms, textbooks/periodicals.

Facilities Maintenance $88,415, Custodian supplies, Maintenance supplies

Other Instruction $4,000, Furniture & fixtures

Special Education $21,235, partial Ed Tech ill resource room.

Student & Staff support $32,618, furniture & fixtures, books/periodicals.