Hancock County Land Surveying business to add year-round housing to new office building on MDI

Published: Mar. 27, 2023 at 5:15 PM EDT
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MOUNT DESERT ISLAND, Maine (WABI) - After renting in Northeast Harbor, Herrick & Salisbury Land Surveying Company finally has a place to call their own.

“We’re just really excited to have a base for our business in town here,” said Herrick & Salisbury Vice President Tara Hartson. “We have to take care of some structural stuff which is actually still happening. The floors are pretty out of level so we are jacking the building to get it as level as we can.”

According to Herrick & Salisbury Owner Stephen Salsbury, the building will serve more than just one purpose.

“Our plan is to put an office space for Herrick & Salisbury and rent out the rest of the building to other tenants,” Salisbury said.

Herrick & Salsbury will be looking for a very specific kind of tenant, to help with one of MDI’s biggest year-round problems.

“The second story will be a residential unit for a family,” Harston said.

“It’s like fourteen or fifteen hundred square feet, two bedrooms, bath and a half, kitchen, living room,” Salisbury added. “That’s what the town wants is year-round residences here to keep Main Street lit up during the wintertime.”

Herrick & Salisbury is hoping the new digs will be a win-win for everyone.

“We’re hoping ideally the family would have kids in the school here. In town’” said Harston. “My kids attend the school here. The numbers are struggling so it would be fun to offer it to a family that can boost the numbers in town.”

“The house was already upstairs,” Salisbury said. “And it’ll serve the community well to continue that tradition.”