Matt Mulligan speaks at Hampden school for Maine Day Celebration

Published: Mar. 16, 2023 at 5:21 PM EDT
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HAMPDEN, Maine (WABI) - Thursday saw the Maine Day Celebration take over the George B. Weatherbee school in Hampden.

On hand as a keynote speaker was simply ‘Just a kid from Maine’.

Former NFL tight end and author Matt Mulligan shared his insight on how to achieve your dreams.

“To get the message of just a kid from Maine around to the schools to so they can see hey, look, this guy, just a kid from me, grew up just like me at one point. And now he had a chance to play professional football that you see on TV. These kids were like, did you really play on TV? I’m like, I really played on TV. But just because you’re just a kid from Maine doesn’t mean you can’t do that. It means you should be able to do that. Because I’ve done it. They can do it too,” said Mulligan.

“I like soccer a lot so maybe in the MLS but then if I don’t get there then like anesthesia doctor pharmacist,” said fifth grade student Jace on pursuing his dreams.

The assembly was packed with energy. Or as Matt says, full of juice.

“It was like a roller coaster of fun and excitement,” said fifth grade student Mason.

Putting some of the kids through drills, Matt put the message of supporting each other into action.

“If people cheer you on. You get like a pump of energy. And you have to like, keep working hard for it,” said fifth grade student Thomas.

The assembly preceded a day full of activities revolving around Maine.

“Maine day is one of my favorite days of the year because it’s really fun,” said fifth grade student Lilah.

Perhaps it was because it was before lunchtime, but several of these students had a common theme as to their favorite parts of Maine.

“Lobster,” said Jace.

“The whoopie pies. They’re really good,” said Thomas.

“I don’t know. Lobster is pretty good so that’s probably one of them,” said Lilah.

But regardless of why they love Maine, one message in particular was conveyed from a fellow kid from Maine.

“I always want to make sure these kids understand that being from Maine, you should be proud,” said Mulligan.