‘80 for Brady’ delights group of Maine friends

Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 5:36 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Moviegoers got out early to see the first screening of “80 for Brady.”

“Because we love Brady. Everybody loves Brady in this area,” said Pam Robichaud of Bradley.

“He’s my boyfriend, and he doesn’t know it yet,” said Adria Yock of Hampden.

The film chronicles the shenanigans of four women in their 80s on a trip to see Super Bowl 51.

A game these Brady Ladies remember well.

“We left [her] house at halftime. We thought [the Patriots] were going to lose. They went to bed. I went home, and I just said, gotta believe. I called them back. Wake up. It’s coming back.”

Walking around the theater, it may feel a bit like life is imitating art.

“Really this was an 80 for Brady. We’ve got some 80s, we got a 70 something, and we got a 60 something,” said Robichaud.

“Well, we thought they made the movie about us,” said Yock.

Not even the frigid temperatures could keep these women away from seeing the film.

“So, we’ve been planning this ever since we heard the movie was coming out. Yeah, the minute we saw the preview we said, ‘we gotta go,’” said Lisa Kelley of Hampden.

“Absolutely. As soon as we knew the movie came out, we put it in our calendars. Show first day and yesterday,” Robichaud said.

The film had its debut right after Brady announced his retirement.

“I cried all day on Wednesday. Was it Wednesday he retired? That’s like right before the movie, and we love him. He’s a great guy. Been a good role model for a lot of people,” said Yock.

“He is the GOAT. He is the greatest quarterback of all time,” said Kelley.

Even off the field, the GOAT still seems to be bringing joy to the lives of this passionate bunch.

“It was very good, very fun. And it was a true story,” said Beth Hutchings of Bradley.