Public works crews prepare for next storm system

Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 5:32 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Another winter storm is on the way Wednesday night that is going to wreak havoc on Maine roads and sidewalks.

This, as crews across Maine are still clearing up from Monday’s storm.

“This last storm was tough. It’s been more of the duration of the storms and we’re already behind on the sidewalks and this will make it more difficult to catch up,” said David Cote, director of Brewer Public Works. “Winter has been mild so far but it’s starting to catch up with us and you’ve just got to be patient. We’re doing the best we can to stay ahead of it but it’s difficult. It just takes a lot of time to move that much snow.”

In Brewer, crews have been working on a little sleep, doing their best to clear the roads and sidewalks from the last storm.

“People don’t realize these guys go home at night, too, and they’ve got to clean up their driveways. They’ve got to get some sleep. They have personal lives that they must tend to so people do not realize or think about that,” said Cote.

Over the next three days, Bangor Public Works will be operating in 16 hour shifts to remove snow on city...

Posted by City of Bangor, Maine - City Hall on Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Across the river in Bangor, plow drivers are finding it a challenge to clean up given the ice underneath the snowfall.

“They are all trying to get the blades underneath that ice and pop it up but unfortunately it’s hard on the snow blower equipment and the equipment when you don’t,” said Aaron Huotari, director of Bangor Public Works. “When you don’t get the ice up and you’re sleeping on it and you’re getting stuck in snowbanks in that type of thing, so it’s been a very challenging clean up.”

Over the next couple of days Bangor Public Works will be working 16 hour shifts to clear city sidewalks, but they warn they will not be all clear before this next storm.

“We’re probably not going to get the priority one streets done before the storm comes. I encourage everyone to wear their glasses if they’re supposed to be wearing glasses and be watching for that movement and sign of pedestrians,” added Huotari.

As for your Thursday morning commute, take it slow and be sure to give extra room for the driver in front of you.

“It’s going to be nasty. We’ll try to get things cleaned up the best we can but our crews do good of getting the roads opened up but it’s still a challenge to get the sidewalks afterwards, said Cote.

“We’ll have those streets plowed but a little bit of snow with ice on top can make it real slick so take your time and give plenty of room,” said Huotari.