Hale Perspective: George’s picks

George Hale gives his NFL picks for this week
George Hale gives his NFL picks for this week(WABI)
Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 5:41 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The super wild card weekend has come and gone and indeed it was wild.

I promised to give you the winners and I almost pulled it off.

The Cowboys messed things up for me but I did manage to get five out of the six games right.

I’ll take a shot at the divisional games this weekend in a moment.

The major sports story of last week was Tom Brady.

After a decisive loss to Dallas 31-14, the question of Brady and his retirement plans came up again.

Personally, I think it’s his decision to make and his alone. Brady has nothing to prove in football. He remains the greatest quarterback of all-time and can still play in the league if he wants to.

But one can only ask: why? What’s left other than risk of injury.

Most observers put him somewhere in the middle of the 31 signal callers in pro football. That’s a long way from being where he was.

Sure, Brady at 45 could probably hang in for a year or two before Father Time calls a halt to the proceedings. Money is no longer an objective since his net worth is reportedly $250 million. FOX TV is sitting there with a 10 year, $375 million deal to put Brady behind the mic. Plus many other business ventures.

For many of us, continuing to play makes little sense.

Each week huge linemen will be stalking him and sooner or later he will get banged up. Brady had a career that is remarkable but it’s time to move on. The G.O.A.T. is no longer among the elite in the game. Common sense says it’s time to move to the booth.

But it’s his decision as it always has been.

Now for this week.

The NFL playoffs have gone from 14 teams to just 8 trying to get to Super Bowl 57.

Here are your winners (I think):

Trevor Lawrence will be tough but not enough to beat Mr. Pat Mahomes and his crew in Arrowhead.

My pick: KC over Jacksonville 30- 17.

Sat night: the Giants and Eagles should put on a great show with Daniel Jones and Jalen Hurts in a shootout.

My pick: Philadelphia pulls it out late and beats NY 30-28

The sunday schedule is great.

The AFC game with the Bengals at the Bills may be the game of the week. I said last week Buffalo was not the team of destiny and I’m sticking to it. Joe Burrow and Josh Allen put on a show but in the end the visitors win.

My pick: Cincinnati 36 Buffalo 30

The 49ers and Cowboys had blow out victories on wild card weekend. Not this time.

Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott are red hot but the 49ers look like champions to me.

My pick: San Francisco 28 Dallas 21.

So there it is….if I am so smart how come I’m not rich?