Dozens of animals are getting a second chance of life in Maine

Saturday Morning Maine
Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 5:01 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Dozens of animals are getting a second chance of life here in Maine.

”Recently, we got a call from the Bissell pet foundation and our transport coordinator made a plan with them and they end up bringing 80 pets to Maine from Louisiana,” said Hunsicker.

Kyra Hunsicker is a marketing coordinator with Animal Refuge League in Portland. She says they transported 22 dogs and and 47 cats.

”We had to work on getting health certificates for each of the animals, we have to know what our capacity is, how many we can take, who is coming so it was a lot of work from our transport team, our canine team, our feline team all getting together,” she said.

Hunsicker says it was a team effort with various organizations including the Humane Society in Waterville and in Camden.

”There were several shelters in Louisiana that brought animals that will be transported to Maine, we worked with the Bissell Pet Foundation, we worked with the Race For Life Rescue which were the pilots that transported that flew the animals here,” she said.

And, many others who were there to help when the pets landed.

“We had volunteers, we had staff members all from the Animal Refuge League helping unload that plane,” she said.

Hunsicker says it was important for her organization to help.

”They all really deserve a new beginning. and they don’t always get that second chance in these Southern States that are overcrowded shelters where animals don’t even get a second look. We are here and we have the audience and we have the capacity and it is so great to give the animals the second chance that they deserve,” she continued.

While they still have the capacity to help more animals, Hunsicker says the 80 animals are doing great.

”They are decompressing in foster homes, getting to spend some time in a home, and then once they are available for adoption, they will go on our website and we are excited for everyone to see them and adopt them,” she said.