Want eggs? ‘Queen of the Coop’ offers advice for raising backyard chickens

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 4:07 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 19, 2023 at 4:24 PM EST
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DIXMONT, Maine (WABI) - With egg prices skyrocketing in recent weeks, you may be considering raising your own backyard chickens.

TV5 caught up with 5th generation chicken keeper and author, Lisa Steele.

Steele says backyard chickens provide delicious and fresh eggs from the coop and they’re not difficult to raise.

Before you get started you should check with your town or municipality to be sure they allow chickens where you live.

Do your research on how many you may need and the types of breeds.

Chickens lay about an egg almost every day.

And, while they are not a huge time commitment, they do require daily care.

“Really, it’s just a question of ten minutes in the morning. Let them out. Feed them. Give them water. Check for eggs and then at night lock them up before dark. If you work all day, that’s certainly manageable. They have automatic doors and automatic waters. In this day in age, everything is automatic so if you get home late, you can have the door shut on its own,” she said.

“I raised chickens through 4H when I was a kid, and it was a lot of fun. It can be a good learning experience. You have to turn eggs three to four times a day. There is a lot of little management things you can get little kids involved with to try and make it a whole family experience,” said University of Maine Graduate student, Madison Philbrick.

If you are thinking of raising your own chickens, it’s best to get started in the Spring.

That is the best time to get started with baby chicks.

Chickens, when well cared for, can live to be at least ten years old.

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