Officials remind drivers to clean snow and ice off cars

Officials remind everyone to take the time to clean off cars.
Officials remind everyone to take the time to clean off cars.(WABI)
Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 6:26 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Across the state Mainers are going to wake up with a lot in common... snow! This has local authorities issuing a reminder.

Clean that snow off your cars.

That morning commute gets a lot worse when the snow or ice from the car in front of you comes flying your way.

And when you do clean the vehicle off, officials ask, take the extra minute and do it all.

“Driving to work through a space on the windshield about that big because of frost or snow or whatever, It’s not safe and in some cases illegal, it can be a pretty significant ticket. Tickets have gone up this year, because the state would like a little bit more money. Clean the roof off. As a matter of fact, yesterday I happen to be looking out the window and someone coming up the intersection out here hit the brakes and this whole lot of snow came off the roof of their car and caused them to just stop suddenly in the middle of the intersection. It’s good there was nobody else there because they’d have gotten rear ended and they couldn’t see for a minute and they did get the snow off. But, you know, take an extra minute because it might make a difference, said Sgt. Jason McAmbley, Bangor Police Department.”

When you need to take that extra minute, it will be no problem as long as you plan ahead.. knowing that morning process to get to school or work, or both, is going to take longer.