Holden Police Department makes arrests of prohibited buyers attempting to purchase firearms

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 6:43 PM EST
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HOLDEN, Maine (WABI) - The Holden Police Department says they’ve seen an uptick in the number of arrests of prohibited people attempting to buy guns.

Holden Police Chief Chris Greeley says they’ve arrested four people since October which is unusual for them.

Greeley says he feels this is due to the increase in gun sales.

He says when people have a criminal record, they are put on a national database for reference and will come up if they attempt to buy guns.

He says some find ways around it through private exchanges or gun show loopholes.

Greeley says that the consequences are not to be taken lightly.

“We expect to arrest more people, because these are felony situations. These people are on the form are either lying on the form, which is a crime when they’re attempting to buy a gun, or they’re a prohibited person. If you are a person who is attempting to buy a gun, or thinking about buying a gun, or has a gun and you’re a prohibited person, you are looking at. If the police find out, if law enforcement finds out you’re looking at a pretty serious charge. It’s actually a federal crime. And, we also on the state level can charge you too,” said Greeley

Chief Greeley adds that if you are a prohibited person and have a firearm, you should consult legal council.