Folks in Bangor working together to clean up after storm

Published: Jan. 17, 2023 at 7:06 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Whenever it’s time to clean up after a big storm, it’s always nice to lend a helping hand.

“She’s great. You know, that’s one thing I like about living here is neighbors all pitch in and help each other out, so we do that a lot.” said Robb Freeman, Bangor Resident

“I was gonna bust out the back end of his driveway where the snow plow had just gone and tried to help out. He helps me out all the time, too.” said Katharine Appleyard, Bangor Resident

But, with the roller coaster temperatures we’ve seen this winter, weather conditions change dramatically overnight. Plow drivers have worked nonstop over the last 72 hours to keep the streets safe for Bangor residents despite staffing challenges.

“It hasn’t been the best storm. It’s been a long storm that’s dragging out quite a ways, and staffing is always a challenge when you have a long storm like that.” said Director of Bangor Public Works Aaron Huotari.

When it comes to your commute in dangerous conditions, being aware of your surroundings while reducing your speed can help the roads stay clear.

“Patience and taking it slow when the roads are bad is the best thing they can do.” said Huotari.

And the best thing for residents to do to make sure street clean up is as smooth as it can be is to make sure to clear the roadways and keep your vehicle in your driveway.

“Try to keep that street clear. It’s very difficult when vehicles are parked in the street. We’re moving around those, and then we have to go back and try to clean those up. There are parking bans at night. We had people working all night, but unfortunately, there’s cars parked in the street. said Huotari

“I think the city does a great job. Really appreciate what they do. I mean, my car is out on the street here, and I got plowed in, and that’s probably something you shouldn’t do. Had it in the driveway, but I pulled it out to do the driveway.” said Freeman.

“Despite the parking ban, It takes a lot of time to get the police in to get those towed, and it’s just no fun for the resident to have their vehicle towed, and it’s not fun for us and productive for us to be working around those vehicles.” said Huotari.

“We want to let you know there is a parking ban from now until Friday at 6am.”