Hampden boy showcases advanced LEGO skills

Published: Jan. 17, 2023 at 5:26 PM EST
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HAMPDEN, Maine (WABI) - Here’s something to smile about!

A fourth grader from Hampden is proving age is just a number. The nine-year-old is an avid LEGO builder who has completed sets intended for adults twice his age.

He gave TV5 a closer look at his impressive collection.

Gavin Adams is something of a Renaissance man. Between piano, football, baseball, basketball, and the occasional game of hockey in his garage, he manages to keep himself busy.

But he always finds time for his favorite hobby of all: building LEGOs.

He says he remembers getting started with his first set when he was only a few years old. Since then he’s asked for new ones every year for his birthday and Christmas.

“It started really small and then I was like, ‘Oh this is fun! I want more!’ And then I just kept asking for it and asking for it and eventually it got up to one of the biggest ones I had, which I got with my own money, which was the Taj Mahal,” said Gavin.

The Taj Mahal LEGO set includes more than 2,000 pieces. It’s one of many projects Gavin has completed, despite falling far short of the suggested age.

He says he welcomes the challenge.

“Twelve-plus, 16-plus, and 18-plus. I usually get those,” said Gavin. “They’re hard but I can do it!”

Another of his favorites is the Empire State Building.

“The Empire State Building, it took me a day to build that and it’s 1,000 pieces, 1,776,” said Gavin.

All those pieces in all those sets add up pretty quickly and LEGOs can wind up being an expensive hobby. But Gavin’s proud parents Michael and Natasha say they’re a worthy investment.

“I see him challenging himself. It’s working on focus, problem solving, following directions, fine motor skills. All of the key components to an education for a nine-year-old, he’s getting right here at home,” said Gavin’s mom Natasha.

To make room for each completed set, an old one is broken down and put in storage. The directions are saved, too, just in case one of Gavin’s younger brothers, Riley and Brayden, wants to follow in his footsteps.

“Riley... he has some other LEGO sets that are four-plus. He does those when I do mine because he wants to be just like his brother,” said Gavin.

And what a great role model to have.