10-year-old boy from Maine to attend Super Bowl LVII thanks to Robert Kraft

Published: Jan. 7, 2023 at 6:00 PM EST
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DETROIT, Maine (WABI) - Kellan Tilton’s love of football comes from his family.

“I’ve watched two of my brothers. They love football. I’ve been watching them since I was since I was like one,” Tilton said.

Kellan watched them win two state titles and fell in love with the sport.

“My brother Sam, he’s the bigger one. He would make the holes and my brother Tucker was the running back. He would run straight through,” said Tilton.

Kellan is a cancer survivor and works to raise money and awarness for childhood cancer.

He is also a massive New England Patriots fan.

As for his favorite player?

“Rhamondre Stevenson the running back. I mean, he’s the best. Whenever he sees a tiny hole, he goes right through it and if there’s someone in his way he stiff arms them or trucks right through them,” Tilton said.

In November Kellan attended a Wheelchair Football clinic hosted by the Patriots.

With a catching ability that would give Jerry Rice a run for his money and one of the most upbeat personalities out there Kellan caught the eye of the Patriots.

Recently, Kellan was joined by his friends and family at school for a video call having no idea what would happen next.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft appeared on screen to greet the young super fan.

“Kellan, you’re an inspiration to our team, the players our whole fan base. We’re really proud to have you as a fan. We want to do something for you and that’s to send you and someone, whomever you choose to go to the Super Bowl,” Kraft said.

“I was so shocked. It was hard to focus on my school work after that. I had to go back to class,” Kellan said with a laugh.

And as for his pick in who’s going to be in the big game?

“Patriots-49ers,” Tilton said.

To aid the Patriots in their quest for a Lombardi, Kellan has a message for the man under center.

“I would talk to Mac Jones and I would say you throw the dimes that you always throw,” said Tilton.

No matter what happens on the field, Patriots Nation is going to be represented by one of its best at Super Bowl 57.