“Chaotic and frightful, gorgeous and beautiful” - photographer details Acadia storm coverage

Saturday Morning Maine
Published: Dec. 30, 2022 at 9:28 PM EST
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BAR HARBOR, Maine (WABI) - Last week at this time, Maine was getting pounded by rain and winds of around 70 miles per hour on the coast.

Conditions like this came with destruction and power outages --- but it also made for a photographer’s dream.

We saw incredible images come out of southern Maine and we shared video of Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park that was taken by a teacher from Bar Harbor.

“I know that it’s going to be stormy on the coast. I know it’s going to be chaos.”

For over a decade, social studies teacher Michael Newman of Bar Harbor has been dabbling in photography. So, when the recent storm literally blew through his backyard, it was an adventure he couldn’t turn away from capturing.

“Like a fly. To whatever. There I go,” Newman said.

It’s not hard to believe that the incredible video of peak thunder hole action he shared went viral.

“I knew that if I took a video of Thunder Hole that, you know, people would find it interesting. I had no idea would be that interesting,” Newman said.

He says he spent more than three hours in the elements.

“It’s interesting. It’s fun to see a spot that you recognize and you’ve been to in one set of conditions and have it be so utterly inundated by the ocean. I think it gives people pause. And it’s one reason why the park and me included and publicly everybody issues caution during these events because you’re just never there have been incidents before you just never know.”

Being a Maine native, Newman says this was not an adventure he took lightly.

“I don’t get too close. Before I go out on some rocks, I wait a little bit to see if the waves, where are the waves crashing? Where are they going? Then I’ll go out just try to be sensible.

Being able to film the ferocious beauty of the Maine coast in the moment to share with the world is something Newman says he’s been happy to do.

“When we get a big storm like this, it can be a little exciting, unless you’re losing power and it’s miserable and awful and you hate it. But at least for video, and photographers like me, it can be pretty exciting. Nature is dangerous. Nature is chaotic and frightful but at the same time, it’s gorgeous and beautiful. And that’s why I love going out and photographing it.”