Surry Elementary School students are trying a new approach to giving this holiday season

Published: Dec. 19, 2022 at 11:27 AM EST
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SURRY, Maine (WABI) - One local elementary school is taking building blocks for fun and creativity and making them the building blocks of community.

Students at Surry Elementary School are doing The Great Lego ReGifting Program this year to make sure more kids receive the gift of Legos this holiday season.

They are collecting Legos, then washing, drying, and bagging them to be gifted.

Technology teacher Markus Ford says the idea came from his own Lego experience.

“I have always loved Legos, so they’ve played a really big part in my classroom and helping kids learn. My own kids have kind of aged out of their Legos, and that got me to thinking, well, maybe some other families, their kids have aged out of those Legos as well. And, we can send those on to to a fresh group,” Ford said.

As students work together to process, package, and give, they learn teamwork can also be a gift.

Fourth grade student Nash Carter has been getting into the giving spirit with others to achieve a goal.

“We’re doing this for kids, like Lego like who like Legos and like Christmas and stuff, so like they can have a present. Well, I feel happy so people can actually get them out or they actually have a lot of fun doing this,” Carter said.

Ford is pleased with the students’ reactions to the program and hopes to keep it going strong.

“I’ve been really amazed at the caliber of the Surry students, how much they look out for each other, how much they really want to bring good things into the world. I hope that we’re going to continue to see Legos that have been sitting on shelves come down and get a little TLC and get into the hands of those who will actually build and design and tinker and trust,” said Ford.