Hannaford Supermarkets celebrates 20 years of having dietitians helping their customers

Published: Dec. 12, 2022 at 6:20 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Folks in Maine have been getting groceries at Hannaford Supermarkets for over a century.

For the last 20 years, the grocery chain has also been offering free nutrition education by hiring registered dietitians who work right in the store.

Registered Dietitian Mary Lavanway has been helping folks in the Bangor area through this program.

She says that it all was a response to customer demand.

“That’s how it started, our customers said we want to understand nutrition more as we’re trying to make that choice in the store at the time we’re trying to buy the food and we want to eat healthfully for our families and and how do we do that like the labels are confusing and you know what’s best for me,” Lavanway said.

She says that over the years, this program has been helping folks shopping and working there make meal planning easy through in-store and online classes, tours, and other events.

“It takes a long time for us to, you know, make changes in our eating habits. Even if we know that, you know, it’s health related. You know, I remember working on the cardiac floor, you know, and you’d have a limited period of time and I can’t, you know, converse with your health professionals like but what I can do is when you have been given, you know, diet prescription, if you will, I can help you translate that to food,” Lavanway added.

With experience in working with patients in clinical and out-patient care, she says it’s been great to get to continue to help people work towards their health goals.

“I get to see some of those customers back and they like, oh, this was so helpful or I did this or I shared this information with my daughter, you know, because her son has whatever, you know. And it’s been just really rewarding to be able to have those connections, those community connections with people and feel like you know, you really help them in having a better quality of life,” Lavanway noted.

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