Otis family looking for puppy they believe was taken

Published: Dec. 8, 2022 at 7:37 PM EST
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OTIS, Maine (WABI) - A family in Otis is asking for help in finding a puppy they’re afraid may have been stolen last month.

In early November, Teresa Torrey and her 12-year-old daughter Savannah came home around 9:45 pm and let their five dogs out. That’s when their adult dog Diesel, and 6-month-old puppy Zuko ran into the woods. Diesel eventually came home. Zuko did not.

“A firefighter drove by about fifteen minutes after my adult dog came home and saw a little dog on the side of the road in the ditch, and a man walking towards him,” Teresa said. “All he saw was a black, boxy, older version truck. That’s the last time we’ve heard anything about our dog.”

The Torrey’s are afraid Zuko was stolen and are offering a $2,000 reward for anyone who can bring him home.

“I loved him a lot,” said Savannah. “We’d go almost everywhere together we were allowed to go. It’s like part of my life is missing and knowing that I might not find him is not very fun.”

For Savannah, Zuko was more than just a new puppy. Savannah lost her father to suicide in 2019. Zuko has been part of her healing process.

“I finally found something that made me take my focus off that,” Savannah said. “And I put my focus on him.”

“This dog is like her therapy dog,” added Teresa. “So without her dog with her, I mean, she’s just a depressed kid. Even though she has all these other dogs, that was her dog. She took the dog everywhere. So not to have the dog is devastating.”

The Torrey’s say they’ve done everything they can think of to find Zuko, and more than anything, just want him home.

“Just return him,” Teresa said. “It’d be the best Christmas present for this little girl.”

“Please just give him back,” said Savannah. “He means a lot to me, and he’d make things so much better like he did before.”

The Torrey’s are asking anyone with any information about Zuko to call (207) 460-9704 or (207) 537-2622.