Shuttered Deer Isle nursing home must raise $1.5M+ in one month to reopen

Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 10:46 PM EST
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DEER ISLE, Maine (WABI) - A shuttered nursing home on Deer Isle is aiming to re-open, but needs major fundraising to do so.

Island Nursing Home announced last August they were closing due to staffing shortages brought on by a lack of affordable housing.

The Board of Directors has been working for months on a reopening plan, which they say must be presented to the state in January to receive a license.

The nursing home would reopen with 32 beds and private rooms for residents, and 22 employees.

The board is aiming to raise $3 million for startup, repair and operating costs.

A significant amount of that must be raised within a month - something that initiated a few tense exchanges.

“We need to raise at least $1.7 million between now and January 4 in order to have sufficient cash to pay for reopening expenses, and to demonstrate to the state that we have sufficient cash for six months’ operating expenses,” board treasurer Skip Greenlaw said.

After a resident asked what would be their “Plan B” if they don’t raise that money in time, Greenlaw replied, “We haven’t got that yet.”

As other residents challenged, “You don’t have a Plan B?” board president Leon Weed replied, ““There is no Plan B. This is how we open, or it stays closed. And then we’d lose the license.”

If they can secure a license, the board hopes to admit residents by July.