Nokomis Middle and High schools show off their robotics skills

Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 7:42 PM EST
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NOKOMIS, Maine (WABI) - Things were buzzing and beeping at Nokomis Regional Middle School, where students are designing and programming robots.

Students are working with various types of robots to grab, dance, or even react to sensors.

This week, as they mark National Computer Science Education Week, they get to show what they’re made of.

Well...more like show what the robots are made out of.

“It has different colors here. So I can make it say certain things when it sees this color, like if I turned it on here. Once it sees this yellow color, it’ll say, ‘hello how it is. And, then your day.”

Said Jett, a Sixth grade student, and robot creator told us that building the robot is only the first step.

Jett explained, “It’s just, you gotta like find different things that you can code it with. Because some things you could do this with others you can some things you can try to get it as close to the edge as you can others you can try to have that like stop right once it touches something and then go a different direction.”

While students have enjoyed the experience of designing the robot’s physical form, sixth grade student and robot creator, Maeversh, says that programming the tasks and behaviors has been another interesting part.

Maeversh said, “It’s really fun to figure out how they all move and when you started programming you basically have like no idea how the robots gonna work and then you’re then you find out which motors you’re supposed to move and you just kind of explore the robot.”

Students also had the chance to showcase their work to Maine Education Commissioner, Pender Makin.

Makin had the opportunity to see these robot projects, as well as others at the Nokomis Regional High school, that were shown on the school’s live broadcast, “SLAM”

Keith Kelly, Innovative Technology Teacher at Nokomis Middle, said that projects like these are a good way to exercise and hone in on students’ existing skills.

Kelley said, “The kids kids live in a virtual world spatial reasoning they’re very good at. They’re very good at technology but using it ethically or appropriately or efficiently, they don’t know it as much. So by taking them through this, they learn those skills as you do.”