WATCH: Amazon driver allegedly steals packages off family’s porch

Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 3:43 AM EST
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SYKESVILLE, Md. (WBAL) - A Maryland family says they’re in shock after allegedly seeing an Amazon delivery driver take packages delivered by another carrier from their front porch.

Tommie Thorne ordered Christmas presents for her daughter online. UPS and Amazon delivered the packages last Tuesday, but the mother says she noticed some items were missing. She turned to her home surveillance video.

“So, we scrolled back through the cameras again, and I watched the Amazon person take them,” Tommie Thorne said.

Video shows the female Amazon driver put a package on the Thornes’ front porch and move the other packages that had already been delivered by UPS. She then picks up those packages and walks away from the home.

Tommie Thorne’s daughter, Gabrielle Thorne, decided to drive around the neighborhood about an hour and a half after the incident to see if she could find the alleged porch pirate. She discovered the Amazon van with the woman seen in the video just blocks away.

“This is insane. I wasn’t expecting to actually find her, you know what I mean? It was just shocking,” Gabrielle Thorne said.

After calling the police, the Thornes decided to approach the delivery driver.

“I did confront her. She tried to tell me that she thought it was a return, and she knew it wasn’t. An argument ensued. She threw out a few of my things at me that were opened,” Tommie Thorne said.

Police eventually showed up, and the Thornes say they were told the delivery driver was charged and the van seized.

The family has one message for others: get a camera.

“Be vigilant. And watch your deliveries, watch your emails,” Tommie Thorne said.

The Thornes said Amazon executives have been very responsive to their complaint. The company told WBAL it is looking into the incident and will cooperate with authorities as they continue to investigate.