Maine Veterans Project, Brewer business team up to keep Maine vets warm this winter

Published: Nov. 15, 2022 at 1:51 PM EST
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BREWER, Maine (WABI) - Maine is known for many things: blueberries, lobster, and whoopie pies, to name a few.

But something else that makes our state special is the way Mainers take care of each other.

It’s a feeling you wish you could just box up. And now you can - thanks to a collaboration between the Maine Veterans Product and a business based in Brewer.

“Right now, it’s all about the Maine veterans,” said Daniel Finnemore, Box of Maine president and CEO.

The idea behind Box of Maine in Brewer is pretty self-explanatory. You take a box and stuff it with a selection of products from the Pine Tree State.

The newest item in the state is a cedar dog tag ornament.

“We were like, ‘Hey, let’s make a Maine-made item, just like all the other items that we have, and we’ll put it in part of the box and give 100% to heating oil for Maine vets,’” Finnemore explained.

The ornaments are for sale individually, too. Either way, local veterans benefit.

“This collaborative team effort is so special because it really does take a community to help a community, and that’s exactly what’s happening now. At our peak time of need, when we have the lowest budget we’ve ever worked with, we have more community support than we’ve ever had before,” said Doc Goodwin, Maine Veterans Project president.

For this collaboration, there was no question what the money raised would go towards.

“Heating oil is through the roof. I think it was over five when I went to buy some, and it was like this is tough for me. There’s other people that could use some assistance as well,” Finnemore said.

“Traditionally, we start receiving orders of heating fuel about this time of year. We [already] have over 1,200 gallons out the door right now. Even though we have an amazing partnership with RH Foster, they really work with us on pricing and they match a full 1,000 gallons, we’re still paying prices that were peak prices last year as beginning prices this year,” Goodwin said.

So go ahead -- grab a Moxie or a package of red snappers. While you’re at it, add a dog tag for your tree to help out a Maine vet.

After all, what’s more Maine than that?

“Let’s join together as a community. Maine is known for that. We want to be known for that at Box of Maine, and so, let’s do it,” Finnemore said.

You can purchase an ornament at or at their store on Abbot Street in Brewer.

There’s also the option of sponsoring a box for a solider, which sends a gift to a Mainer serving overseas.