Day 1 of trial for Stockton Springs woman accused of killing son

Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 12:01 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 5, 2022 at 6:26 PM EDT
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BELFAST, Maine (WABI) - The trial for a Stockton Springs woman accused of killing her 3-year-old son started Wednesday morning in Belfast.

Jessica Trefethen, 36, has pleaded not guilty.

Last year, Trefethen was charged with murder of Maddox Williams.

Maddox died after Trefethen brought him to the hospital because he was not breathing and had no pulse.

An autopsy found he had a fractured spine and internal bleeding in his abdomen and brain.

Wednesday, members of the family were distraught as the state discussed the boy’s death.

Trefethen became emotional when the defense told the jury about her on-and-off relationship with the father of some of her children.

During opening statements, the state told the court the medical examiner said the injuries do not match her statement that Maddox fell while playing outside and was kicked by another child.

Trefethen told investigators when they asked if she noticed any blood from Maddox that: “I’ve never noticed it ever. My kids are my world.”

“He had been brought to the hospital by his mother and his grandmother. That mother, the defendant before you, told the medical staff that Maddox had been pulled to the ground by a dog leash and had been kicked by a sibling. The defendant and her mother stayed with him for approximately 10 minutes after he was pronounced dead. They then left the hospital leaving Maddox with the strangers who tried to save his life,” said Assistant Attorney General John Risler.

“Maddox was outside playing with his two siblings when Maddox fell and hit his head and was kicked in the stomach by his sister. Maddox did not feel or look well after the incident and went inside with his mom to get some Gatorade. Upon going inside, Maddox started to look really unwell so Jessica called her mom, Sherry, to ask her mom her thoughts on whether she should bring him to the hospital. Some may ask how does a mother just call someone at this point in time. But I ask you to take a step back. Jessica didn’t know that Maddox was dying, Jessica didn’t know if she was overreacting, Jessica didn’t know what was wrong with him. Jessica, like many mothers, called her own mother for advice,” said Defense attorney Caitlyn Smith.

Trefethen’s oldest daughter took the stand Wednesday and discussed an incident during a family trip to New Hampshire where she allegedly “threw him out of the bathroom onto his stomach.”

The trial continues on Thursday in Belfast.