Celebrating the art of ballet

Published: Sep. 30, 2022 at 6:37 PM EDT

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - World Ballet Day has been recognized every Oct. 1 since 2014.

Marie Kubeck, a ballet mistress with Dance U in Augusta says Ballet originated in the 15th century and has evolved over the years.

“At that time, it was only danced by the nobility noble men and women, not the general population,” Kubeck said.

The art form has since evolved from dancing on point to neoclassical and classical style. Kubeck says behind those lovely smiles are hard work and dedication.

“When I have done little ones, I always say the hardest thing you are going to learn to do in ballet is to stand still, and it is the hardest thing to do. They learn to focus, they learn to stand still, they learn respect, they learn commitment and hard work,” Kubeck said.

Lilian Baliey and her sister Khloe have been dancing for as long as they can remember. Lilian says dancing has gotten her through a lot including a rough patch in school.

“Last year, school was just pretty tough for me because I started algebra and things like that, so it stresses me out quite a bit, but coming to dance, i just forgot all about it. It was just me and the moves,” Lilian said.

For Khloe, she enjoys the challenges that come with dancing and like her sister, looks to the future for more.

“I want to go to college, too, for dance, and I want to teach classes here,” Khloe said.

The owner of the studio, Laura Lewis, says it is more than moves. She says the dancers who range from one year old to seniors can always rely on what they are learning for the rest of their lives.

“Ballet especially is a discipline of dance. Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, all of them require dedication. But, ballet really specifically has a much deeper discipline, and that really transfers over to kids daily lives to adult’s daily lives,” Lewis said.

She wants people to know the art form is available to everyone no matter the circumstance.

I would absolutely recommend ballet as an extracurricular form of activity for all ages, not just students, but for adults,” Lewis said.

People with extra special abilities, dance classes for everyone, and that’s so important that people know that it is available.