Closing arguments in trial for Corinna man charged in connection with infant daughter’s fentanyl overdose

Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 12:14 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The trial of a Corinna man charged in connection with his 11-month-old daughter’s near fatal fentanyl overdose last year is now in the hands of the judge.

Zachary Borg, 28, is charged with furnishing drugs to a minor, endangering the welfare of a child, and domestic violence reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon. In this case, the weapon is fentanyl.

The State and the defense have both rested and gave their closing arguments

The baby was taken to a hospital where she survived and was later taken into state custody.

Officials say they searched his home and found fentanyl in several rooms, including the infant’s bedroom

The state argues that Borg’s drug use put the child in harms way.

The defense countered that argument saying there were other people present in the home and the state cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the drug came from Borg.

“This case is going to be really informative. It’s going to be informative for how we can prosecute these cases currently, although the law has changed and the law has changed to make it even harder to prosecute these cases since this case happened with the new Good Samaritan Law, so it is going to be informative with the verdict. But what I really hope is that people in the legislature start to realize is we have to change our laws to protect our kids from this kind of incident,” said assistant district attorney, Chelsea Lynds.

“The charges that were brought, do not naturally fit the facts of the case. And, you know, in the judicial system, we are not policymakers. We don’t litigate these disputes in order to figure out what should happen or what would be best. We analyze the facts and apply the law while protecting the rights of the accused,” said defense attorney Harris Mattson.

Borg waived his right to a jury trial, so the judge will issue a verdict at a later date.

The court is giving both parties 10 days to submit final documents as the judge makes his decision.