MSAD 37 wears red to support those in the lobster fishing industry

Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 5:55 PM EDT
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MILBRIDGE, Maine (WABI) - Students and staff all across MSAD 37 showed up to school wearing red.

This was done as a sign of unity in support of Maine lobstermen and women.

“This is a fishing community. I bet if you went in there and asked any one of those kids hey, do you know someone that fishes? I bet 90% of those kids in that school are going to say my dad fishes or my dad’s a stern man,” said fifth generation lobster fisherman Mack Kelley.

For so many on the coast fishing is a multigeneration profession.

And kids start helping out at a young age.

“I baited bait bags; I went with [her friend]. It was really gross, but it was really nice to see what it’s like doing the stuff that [her step-dad] does,” said sixth grade student Makenzie Beal.

Maine Lobster was recently red listed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch saying they are recommending people avoid lobsters from the gulf of Maine and Georges Bank leading many in the industry to fear for their future.

“And when I look at my son as he holds my, my granddaughter, I think is this the end of the line? Is this the end of the line for that fishery? It’s a scary thought,” said Charles Kelley, fourth generation lobster fisherman.

Faced with an uncertain future, the community is showing support for an industry so entwined in the culture of the region.

“It makes me really happy for him, or for them to be supporting the lobster fishermen,” said sixth grade student Maci Brenton.

But it isn’t just the school district or even the immediate surrounding area that’s wearing red today to show support.

“I’ve had people from California to Virginia to outside the United States in the Virgin Islands that are wearing red today to support the lobster men and women of this industry,” said kindergarten teacher Alison Wallace.