Northern Light Acadia working to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s

Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 6:17 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Wednesday is World Alzheimer’s Day, and Northern Light Acadia Hospital is working to raise awareness.

Alzheimer’s is the sixth-leading cause of death statewide.

29,000 Mainers are currently battling Alzheimer’s or other dementia.

Northern Light says because Maine’s population is the oldest in the nation, that number is expected to jump to 35,000 in just three years.

The hospital’s mood and memory clinic advises staying physically and mentally active, eating a healthy diet, engaging socially, and getting seven or eight hours of sleep to hold back progression of the disease.

The hospital also offers virtual therapy groups for those with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

”We’re doing a lot. Maine has always had an active Alzheimer’s Association, a progressive community for the care of older adults. We really owe it to our kids and our grandkids to find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease so they don’t have to take care of us and they don’t have to worry about this for themselves. So, we’re working hard at finding the cures,” said Dr. Cliff Singer of Northern Light Acadia Hospital

Bangor’s annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s is set for Saturday, Oct. 1st.

There are 194 participants signed up so far, and the Alzheimer’s Association has raised just under $43,000.

Their goal is $100,000.

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