Orrington’s Glory Watson scheduled for fifth pro fight in New England Fights card in Bangor

Watson to face Gabriella “GDaddy” Gulfin at 125 lb.
Published: Sep. 7, 2022 at 9:29 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Orrington’s Glory Watson will compete in her fifth professional fight on Friday at Bangor’s Cross Insurance Center.

Watson to face Gabriella “GDaddy” Gulfin at 125 lb.
Watson to face Gabriella “GDaddy” Gulfin at 125 lb.(WABI)

“The fanbase that I get is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve sold over 200 tickets so far of just people who want to come and support me,” said Watson.

She’s taking a safe and gradual weight cutting approach instead of a drastic one.

“It’s so bad for you. That’s why I don’t do it that way. I do the slow move down. That’s because I’m disciplined, and I can diet throughout all of camp. Everyone else doesn’t want to. They want to eat ice cream or whatever they want,” said Watson.

Watson has navigated a unique training camp with Young’s MMA.

“We’ve just kind of bounced around a lot. We’ve traveled sometimes more, sometimes less than usual. We’ve had different partners. The type of training I’ve been doing is different. I had a little bit of an injury for a while that we had to swap up our training to make sure that it had time to heal. It healed beautifully, so it was just very different,” said Watson.

Glory is up against Gabriella “GDaddy” Gulfin at 125 lb. While they mutually respect each other, there’s some head games online.

“She’s really tough. She walks forward. She sticks to her gameplan. She seems a little wild. You get cauliflower ear, right? She drains it with a syringe, and she squirted it into her mouth. I’m just like, not intimidated at all. I’m very grossed out, and I think you probably should go to the doctor,” said Watson.

Fighting in practically her backyard will be a special experience.

“I love fighting in Bangor. I’m never going to say a bad thing about fighting in Bangor. It is absolutely my favorite thing. I love fighting close to home,” said Watson.

She’ll get the chance at New England Fights 49: Queen City Showdown.

For more information on Friday’s event card, check out NewEnglandFights.com. Tickets are available on TicketMaster.com.