Maine Grains announces upcoming 10-year anniversary

Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 6:04 PM EDT
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SKOWHEGAN, Maine (WABI) - Maine Grains is celebrating their 10 year anniversary of manufacturing locally grown stone milled grains and serving the community.

“I never dreamed how impactful it would be to rebuild a mill in this downtown, repurposing this building,” said Amber Lambke

The building was once the Somerset County Jail and still has its original doors and the letters that identified each prisoner’s unit.

Unit G is Amber Lambke’s office. She’s the co-founder and CEO of the mill.

“We had four stories to work with. A jail is a very sturdy building with thick walls that can bear the load of machinery,” she said.

She said the building is quiet enough to maintain the noise being made during the milling process, important not only for the economy but for the ecosystem.

“Grains are part of a weed management strategy for organic weed management, so you hear of cover cropping with rye and buckwheat, these are critical tools for organic management of weeds,” Lambke said.

Richard Roberts has seen the company grow to its 20 employees today. she has been there since day one.

“We were putting out one pallet of rolled oats every six weeks, and now, hundreds of pallets go out of here every day,” Roberts said.

Lambke unveiled a plan to build an additional building right next to the original one. The new two-story building will house the new product line of baking mixes and seasoned grains. It will also serve as the online fulfillment hub and much more.

“We now see a company that was founded here making frozen pizza dough, the Good Krust. We have the Maine meal making pasta out of our flour. We just saw the launch of our staff member that started her own business making ice cream sandwiches with our grains and the cookies. so lots more that can happen with grains, and it’s really opening up more opportunities right here in Skowhegan,” she said.