Bangor Police Dept. reminds drivers to be patient as kids head back to school

Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 5:17 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) -For many kids around the region, it’s back to school this week.

Bangor schools start Thursday. and that means more cars and people will be out and about on the roads.

Sergeant Jason McAmbley with the Bangor Police Department is asking everyone to just be patient and pay extra attention while driving.

When it comes to school buses, he has an important reminder when you see that red sign.

”You need to stop. Like traffic lights yellow doesn’t mean I better hurry up. It means you need to slow down because the red lights are coming on next. And when those red lights come on, you have to stop. The only place that really doesn’t apply is if you’re on the interstate and there’s not a whole lot of school bus stops in the interstate. So even downtown Bangor, one of the places where we have a problem is on Main Street where it’s going to divide it in the middle and people are under the impression that because that’s divided, they don’t have to stop,” McAmbley said.

For kids and parents that are walking to school, there are also important rules of the road for pedestrians.

“Pedestrians in the walkway have the right of way. If there are lights, those lights direct them as well as they direct you. Be careful, some of the areas around town where you can get a green light, you’re turning right, their light has turned for them to go, they have the right of way all the time. You should be able to stop and watch out for that,” McAmbley said.

Bangor Police will be stationed at every school in Bangor Thursday to say hello and keep an eye on things.