Somerset Scrub Club introduces students to healthcare careers

Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 6:27 PM EDT
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SKOWHEGAN, Maine (WABI) - Twenty students started their first of a three-day experience in Skowhegan exploring healthcare career options through the Somerset Scrub Club.

It’s an opportunity to introduce students entering grades eight through 12 to various healthcare career options, all at no cost.

“For the next three days, students are going to be experiencing hands on activities from CPR and first aid to learning how to put on a cast and suture wounds,” said Bethany Shalit, Redington Fairview General Hospital.

The club is a collaboration between JMG and Redington Fairview General Hospital.

The director of education with Redington says it’s important to show the students different career possibilities in healthcare, especially careers in their backyards.

“Redington offers any job that you could possibly want in healthcare, so if we give them an opportunity to get their hands on now and work side by side with professionals, that it might not be as intimidating when it comes time to make a decision on what they want to do or where they want to go,” said Shalit.

She says this program will also help students decide if healthcare is or isn’t for them. Fourteen-year-old Brady Ducharme, who experienced what it was like to be a dental assistant, says he is on the right track.

“It showed me that I could probably be able to help with the dental assistance and being a dentist itself,” said Ducharme.

The students also learned how to perform CPR. Dakota Riley says it’s a valuable skill to have.

“At first, I didn’t know how to do it. and then I learned how to do it. Exhausting, but I mean it can save someone’s life if you know how to do it and what to do,” said Riley.

The program offers other hands on experiences such as medical assistant, EMT and speech therapist.

For now, it’s being held at the Somerset Career and Technical Center.

Shalit says she looks to expanding the program in the future and offering more opportunities like this.

“I hope that they realize that learning can be fun, choosing a career can be fun, so as long as they have a good time while learning new skills, then we are happy,” said Shalit.

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