It’s Maine Wild Blueberry Weekend!

Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 8:03 PM EDT
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Maine (WABI) - A local blueberry farm held its first “You-Pick” event Saturday to kick off Maine Wild Blueberry Weekend.

We stopped by Copeland Hill Farms in Holden Friday to find out what’s in store.

Maine’s blueberry harvest is getting into full swing as the berries start to ripen... TV 5′s Mark Rediker and AJ Nichols, stopped by Copeland Hill Farms in Holden on Friday to see how this family owned business is getting ready for their first ‘You-Pick’ weekend.

“This is a family farm my husband and I live right on the farm,” Copeland Hill Farm Owner Rhonda Warren said. ”My grandson and my cousin are in there and my aunts come up from Florida every year for probably the last 10 years just to do the harvest. This is the first year we’ve done the you pick and it’ll only be for this weekend. So normally it’s just we clean them and we sell them right off the table basically Mother Nature provides the product, there’s no planting, they all run they all grow by a rise on underneath the ground. We help by trying to keep as many of the weeds out as many of the insects out and the wildlife. Wildlife is crazy right now you know and wake up anytime to 20 deer out there in the field all having lunch.”

This Saturday and Sunday from nine to four guests will have the chance to learn and practice the harvest process themselves. Literally from farm to table or if you just want to buy some boxes, that’s fine too. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect. First we went down to the fields to use the mechanical rake. You basically push it like a snow blower and it has two triggers, for gas and engaging the rake.

This rake basically pulls the blueberries off of the plants and collects them in buckets, which are then transported out to the garage for processing.

In here, the blueberries go through an assembly line process for being separated from any stems and leaves...

and any bad berries are removed.

Mother Nature’s final product is finally poured into boxes and weighed and ready to take home.

“The event is done,” Warren said. “I’m just going rain or shine so hopefully it’ll be all sunshine but we could use the rain.”

Just a reminder that admission is free, you only pay for the blueberries that you take.

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