Union Fair and Maine Wild Blueberry Festival is underway earlier than usual

Published: Jul. 27, 2022 at 6:35 PM EDT
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UNION, Maine (WABI) - The 2022 Union Fair and Maine Wild Blueberry Festival is underway.

It’s packed with activities, games, and of course, great food.

The president of the Union Fair kicked off the festivities Wednesday.

“Things are going to look a lot different this year. There are new vendors that have never been here before, there are new rides that have never been here before, the midway is set up in a different configuration than it has been in the past,” said Matthew Elwell, Union Fair president.

The fair is also starting three weeks earlier than usual and will be packing in eight-days worth of activities into five.

“We’re hoping that because we’re three weeks earlier, oh good, that we’re going to attract a different crowd because usually we’re in the last week of August, and by that time a lot of the tourist crowd are gone. They’re already at home, their kids are already at school,” said Rick Butler, Union Fair head of publicity.

The pandemic interrupted the fair which began as a harvest festival over 100 years ago.

Wild Blueberry Queen candidate Abigael Fish says she’s glad it’s back in full this year.

“This year, a little bit more crammed in. So, what we’re doing is we’re volunteering around. We just got done at the 4-H which is farming, and we’re going to be showing the process of blueberries around,” said Fish.

Kaitlyn Bean is also competing for the queen title.

Bean says it’s about her family heritage.

“I really just want to represent my family farm, grew up on a blueberry farm, my parents, grandparents for so many generations. I started out as a baby on the farm, so I just want to be here to represent them,” said Bean.

For Tom Johnson, who hasn’t been to the Union Fair in 20 years, he’s glad to see people having a good time again.

“This is a good relief for the younger people and the people that raise these animals to show themselves off, the show what they do,” said Johnson, Edgecomb resident.

He encourages people to come on out.

“You get a chance to enjoy yourself, do it, don’t put it off, because when you look back at that moment, it will be gone. You’ll never get it back,” said Johnson.

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