Cat lost in Maine reunited with family in Texas

Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 6:12 PM EDT
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HERMON, Maine (WABI) - An incredible discovery in Hermon lead to an even better reunion down in Texas.

It might be a bit cliché to use the word “miracle,” but it’s hard to find a word to better articulate the series of events that lead a family from Texas to be reunited with their beloved pet some 2,000 miles away.

It was supposed to be a dream adventure for the Tally family who had been visiting the Northeast region of the United States.

On their way to Acadia National Park tragedy struck when their motorhome crashed.

As they made sure that everyone was okay, one prominent family member was nowhere to be found. Their cat named Max.

The family, state troopers, and employees from two different towing companies searched the woods for Max to no avail.

“We searched the crash site and searched the motorhome. There was like six of us that searched the motorhome for this cat,” said Wayne Bouchard, Bouchard & Sons Towing.

“So, you know we had kind of prepared the kids at that point that he probably wasn’t going to be found,” said Kelsey Tally.

The wrecked motorhome stayed in Maine as the family returned to the Lone Star state heartbroken.

“On day 11, we were finally back in Texas, and I got a phone call from Maine and Brian answered and it was Wayne. And he said you’ll never believe what happened,” said Tally.

“One of my drivers had dropped the vehicle off at about 10:30 and heard a loud meow from a cat and he thought that was in the parking lot messing with him and then this big black cat come running out near the motorhome,” said Bouchard.

That black cat turned out to be Max. How he ended up there is a mystery that we’ll perhaps never know.

“Poor Max, he survived in the wild for 11 days. He’s super resourceful. We’re super impressed by his resourcefulness,” said Tally.

While this story is that of a miracle, they family says it’s also a story about humanity.

“Every human that we have met in Maine has gone above and beyond for our family. There’s no reason that these strangers who’ve never met us. You know, they did it just because they’re kind and it’s humbling. It’s overwhelming,” said Tally.

Max is back safe home safe with his family in Texas.

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