Fairfield’s PFAS lawsuit moving along: “Hold those polluters accountable!”

Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 8:10 PM EDT
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FAIRFIELD, Maine (WABI) - Some major developments in the national fight against toxic forever chemicals known as PFAS have brought renowned activist Erin Brockovich and her legal team back to Fairfield.

Brockovich’s team updated residents on where their lawsuit against those who polluted their water stands.

In fact, progress has been made this very week.

On Monday, a federal court denied the defendant’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

Now, lawyers from the team representing Central Maine will proceed with discovery - what the lead attorney described as “fact finding” and opening up cardboard boxes and hard drives that may shine more light on who spread these pollutants, how and why.

This, as the EPA recently updated its guidance for safe levels of PFAS in water.

The new levels are .004 parts per trillion, a significant reduction from the previous 70 parts per trillion.

Environmental Investigator Bob Bowcock tell us this is as close to saying zero levels of PFAS are acceptable as science allows.

This is significant action at the federal level - something Brockovich called for when we last spoke.

She thinks this has a lot to do with what’s happening in one small but united Central Maine town.

“They really came about and rose up,” Brockovich said. “And that’s the beauty of what happens when something happens here in Maine. If, all throughout the military and all throughout the land, where the voices rise up - had we not done that, the EPA may not have made its decision that it did, because it heard the voices of the people.”

The next step? To make those responsible pay.

”Hold those polluters accountable!” Brockovich urged. “They polluted the water. They trespassed on the municipality, and the state. The state, attorney general, the municipal water companies, they all should be on board, if you ask me in sending a message to the polluter. And get your money from them.”

This fight is just beginning, and will have wide-ranging impacts all around the nation.

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