Lewiston Police Charge Four Juveniles After Former Longley School Vandalized

Surveillance cameras, inside and outside, helped police identify all four suspects.
Surveillance cameras, inside and outside, helped police identify all four suspects.(WMTW)
Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 7:12 AM EDT
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LEWISTON, Maine (WMTW) - Lewiston police said four juveniles, a 10-year-old, two 12-year-olds and a 14-year-old, have been charged with Burglary and Aggravated Criminal Mischief after authorities said the suspects broke into the former Longley Elementary School either Sunday night or early Monday morning.

They said the suspects smashed a rear window to get it.

Photographs of the inside show extensive damage. Jugs of paint from the art supply were splattered everywhere. Spray paint was used to deface, tag and cover the floors and walls. Equipment and supplies were tossed to the floor. Every room that wasn’t locked, was trashed.

There were ten to 15 rooms damaged, school officials said.A roofing crew discovered the damage on Monday afternoon about 4 p.m. and called Superintendent Jake Langlais who arrived snapping pictures when he noticed several kids still inside the building. The kids took off running, Langlais reported.

Surveillance cameras, inside and outside, helped police identify all four suspects.

Langlais was on vacation Wednesday, but Assistant Superintendent Karen Paquette said the school department’s facility managers put damage estimate at more than $100,000.

Paquette said and others in the community left to wonder the question that remains unanswered, what would motivate the juveniles to cause such destruction.

“I have not heard any reason as to why they chose to do the damage they did,” Paquette said.The former Longley elementary school is now being used for NextStep and Lewiston Adult Education.

People walking by the Longley School on Wednesday said they were disgusted by the actions of those kids.”The parents should be responsible for that just like any other parent,” said Terry Savage, a Lewiston parent. “Should have been watching your kid better,” she said.As for the four juveniles charged, police said they were summoned and released into the custody of their parents.

The assistant superintendent said the building is not safe, with all the broken glass and other debris.

Professional cleaners have been hired to clean up the biggest mess and maybe within a week or so they may on the community to help get the school building in in order.

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