Maine State Police restructuring, incorporating new positions

Published: Jun. 14, 2022 at 7:27 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - A structural reorganization at the Maine State Police will incorporate several new positions.

Part of the reconstruction is driven by data and the planning has been going on for several months.

The Maine State Police is restructuring their agency after 100 years but they say their core mission remains the same.

Public Safety Commissioner Michael Sauschuk says the mission is to protect and serve all of the communities that we live in.

“Not only is the mission remaining the same but this is an opportunity to add additional resources to the community and additional coverage,” said Sauschuk.

A major part is combining Troops A and B into the Southern Field, Troops C and D to the Central field and E and J to the Northern field. They will also introduce Troop I which will provide focused coverage on 295 and I95 from Augusta to the Aroostook County Line.

Colonel John Cote says combining the troops will help establish overnight coverage in most parts of the state.

“A trooper that will be done at midnight can be able to secure at night and know there are troopers that are gonna remain out and ready to respond immediately. This is going to provide an expedited response to critical calls for service and it will give our people the rest they badly need,” said Cote.

With the combining of the troops comes the opportunity to retask two lieutenants. One of them will focus on projects like the body camera program.

“We need someone that can carry the ball and not let these projects drop in the limbo,” said Cote.

They will also add three detectives to the major crime unit, part of the supplemental budget package from the governor.

“There case load ranges from homicides and suspicious deaths to child abuse and all its various forms,” said Cote.

The budget also includes funding for 5 behavioral health specialists to serve as a liaison to the troopers in the field while identifying and helping people in need. The troop realignment is the first step in the reorganizing process and will be implemented by January 2023.

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