Fourth grade students work to improve school through project

Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 6:01 PM EDT
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CARMEL, Maine (WABI) - Just because summer vacation is near doesn’t mean the learning has to end.

At Carmel Elementary School, the students are the ones teaching their peers a very important lesson.

Through their own research and analysis, these fourth graders sought to find solutions to fixing a negative behavior problem in their school.

“So, we’re on a bunch of different social media platforms with other teachers. And this is a problem that teachers are having everywhere around the country and our kids are tackling it head on which is incredible,” said Alexandra Cookson, a teacher at the school.

They began with analysis of the problem and coming up with research questions. After speaking with school experts on the behavior they were studying they began surveying students of the school to gather more information.

This culminated in presentations on how important this issue is and ways to solve it.

These lessons aren’t just staying in their classroom.

“I’m extremely proud of my group of students. I think they’ve made great strides this year. And it’s amazing to see them going into other classrooms and getting the opportunity to share those things as well with the younger grades because I know that’s something that they’ve really taken a lot of pride in,” said teacher Felicia Russell.

And it seems to already be having a positive impact.

“There hasn’t been any like negative conversations and other things like that lately,” said fourth grader Owen Higgins.

For these students, it’s a great opportunity to do something that impacts the world around them.

“It kind of feels like happy to know that everybody’s trying to like help each other,” said Emma Malcolm, a fourth grader at the school.

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