King, New England senators work to find relief amid national formula shortage

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Published: May. 24, 2022 at 3:43 PM EDT
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(WABI) - Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, is joining other US senators from New England to try and find more help for parents and caregivers amid the national formula shortage.

King and his colleagues are calling on Abbott Laboratories to provide baby formula relief to the Women, Infant, and Children program known as WIC.

They say due to contract obligations, parents in the states they represent utilizing WIC are restricted to purchasing Abbott-only formulas.

While Abbott is currently providing rebates to New England WIC programs, allowing for the purchase of non-Abbott products, the senators say the move doesn’t go far enough.

They’re calling on Abbott to extend the rebates to cover all infant formulas through at least the end of the year.

In a letter to Abbott’s CEO, King and the other senators write in part:

“According to current estimates, it will be at least several weeks before Abbott is able to sufficiently supply infant formula to states, and it will take longer for Abbott to adequately supply rural areas with lengthy supply chains lacking large chain stores.”

According to King’s office, Maine has 3,000 WIC recipients who rely partially or fully on formula.

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