Mattanawcook Academy theater students give 5th graders a peek behind the curtain

Mattanawcook Jr. High students got to take part in a special performance of Mattanawcook...
Mattanawcook Jr. High students got to take part in a special performance of Mattanawcook Academy's "Beauty and the Beast."(WABI)
Published: May. 11, 2022 at 4:55 PM EDT
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LINCOLN, Maine (WABI) - Students at Mattanawcook Academy in Lincoln are hoping to inspire an interest in theater.

Ahead of their upcoming performance, the cast and crew of “Beauty and the Beast” gave backstage tours to local fifth graders. From costumes to 3D printing, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

“This was part of a grant program we applied for through Broadway Licensing to win $5,000 for our theater program by providing a community engagement opportunity for young children to encourage them to do theater,” said Maylinda Boynton, instrumental music teacher at Mattanawcook Academy and Mattanawcook Jr. High School.

Boynton says Mattanawcook Academy will hopefully find out in the next few weeks if they’ve been chosen for the grant. In the meantime, the high schoolers were eager to share their passions.

“I hope that they really got a feel for what theatre is and hopefully they felt inspired to, when they have the opportunity to, join theatre,” said junior Kaylee Scelso, who plays Belle.

“I remember when I used to see the princesses and stuff, it was really magical. So them coming to see us and getting to meet us and everything. They’ll probably be really excited,” said sophomore Millie Daniels, who plays Beast.

From audio, to lighting, to set design, the tour showed the younger students there are more opportunities in theater than acting on stage.

But performing is part of it, too, and at the end of the day the fifth graders were invited to don costumes and join the cast for a special performance.

“That was awesome!” said Mattanawcook Jr. High School fifth grade student Carter Hartford. “I got to be part of the pre-play, I guess, and I got a free ticket.”

“I learned that plays are cool. Yeah, I’d like to be interested in joining probably,” said fellow fifth grader Mikah Smith.

“Beauty and the Beast” is Mattanawcook Academy’s first live performance in three years.

Shows run Thursday through Saturday.

For time and ticket information, visit our Mattanawcook Academy’s website:

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