Lawsuit seeks to abolish Maine’s Sunday hunting ban

Published: Apr. 27, 2022 at 5:44 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - A lawsuit has been filed at the Kennebec County Courthouse in Augusta seeking to abolish Maine’s Sunday hunting ban.

Opponents say the ban infringes on their constitutional “right to food,” a statewide amendment that went into effect late last year after being approved by voters.

It gives Mainers rights to grow, raise, produce, and consume food of their choice.

Those who want to overturn the Sunday ban say the amendment includes language that gives Mainers the right to hunt any day of the week.

Maine and Massachusetts are the last two states with this long-standing blue law.

Legislative attempts to end the ban have not been successful since the law went into effect more than a century ago.

Executive Director of Maine Hunters United for Sunday Hunting, Jared Bornstein, says the ban is an injustice based on religious social law and not on biological needs.

“From my view, the legislature’s reticence to end this ban does not come from a place of outright opposition, though a minority of legislators do oppose it. Many of them cite constituents who fear for their safety. Three non-hunters have died in hunting accidents in 30 years. Hunting remains safer for hunters and non-hunters than boating, driving and walking on main roads,” said Jared Bornstein, Maine Hunters United for Sunday Hunting.

Maine Hunters United for Sunday Hunting say they feel strongly the court will invalidate this long standing statute.

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